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Hitachi Institute of Management Development.

Please refer to these terms of use operated by Hitachi Institute of Management Development (“HIMD”), and we regard the terms “we,” “us” and “our” as HIMD.

1. This site information

This site is designed to introduce to our Japanese customers our product and service information.
This site information is provided to you on an as is and as available basis expressly or implicitly without any assurance of us.
We do our best effort to provide you more accurate, timely sources of information on our site, but there might have any untimely or inaccurate information when you visit our site. And we can not guarantee any accuracy of the data, programs or materials that you receive from our site. Therefore all the information provided on this web do not assure any accuracy, timeliness or completeness for your purpose.
We arbitrarily implement antivirus technological defenses on our computers however we do not guarantee providing you antivirus information or access links introduced from us.
We do not guarantee all the losses of business discontinuity or data loss in information transaction systems derived from this web site or rinks connected to other websites, such as opportunity loss, business discontinuity including loss of software or data and we expect you to use this site at your own risk.
We hereby may change our content information without giving any notice to you. And this site complies with Japanese governing low and is interpreted with it.

2. Product and Technical information:

This site may contain future-established technical information which may include technically incorrect, mistaken sources. All of this information may be changed or updated without prior notice to you. And we have the right to change or update all of the information presented on the site without any notice.

3. Privacy policy on personal information:

Accepted your request such as catalog sending, we may ask you your personal information: Name, Email address, Phone number, Home address etc. on a voluntary basis.
We do not utilize your personal information except the specific purposes explained to you when we ask your data. However we may disclose your personal information only for the necessity for our service improvement. With regard to the information management system, we do our best to comply with Private Information Protection Law to protect your privacy we are not responsible for the information leakage by unauthorized access and computer viruses.

4. Copyrights:

All of the contents on this web site including sentence, pictures, picture data, software, images, sound, graphics, animation, and movies, and its arrangement, editing and structuring belong to HIMD. And it is strongly prohibited the unauthorized use of one or all part of this site including copying, sending? Broadcasting, publishing, distribution, assignment, lease, translation, grand back and reuse, and reprinting, changing and commercial uses are firmly prohibited.

5. Trademarks:

All of those trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on this web site belong to HIMD if there are no express warranties.
Unauthorized use of our trademarks or logos to produce similar web site of us is strongly prohibited. And the names of companies or products in this site are all registered trademarks, which is not shown like “TM” or “R.”

6. Linkage:

We recommend you to have a linkage to our top page: http;// as there are possibilities of URL changes. And these contents are strongly prohibited:

  • Linkage from public order or morals offensive web site,
  • Linkage with framework functions,
  • Linkage which obscure our contents,
  • Linkage from sites which abuse our products and services to assassinate our reputation,
  • Linkage which gives misunderstandings of our products or services in use of expressions,
  • Linkage for commercial use,

We are not obligated to any third party's compensation or litigation against our linkage site. If you access our linkage site, you may not damage us linked source about third party's claims or demands.